About aiMC

aiMCSLC is a website built and maintained by the students and professors of the Advertising-Interactive Marketing Communications (aiMC) programs at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario.

It's intended as both a showcase of our work and an living lab of the learning and experiences we discover during our participation in the program. Your comments and participation in this discovery are very welcome.

A recent article in Businessweek entitled "Integrated Marketing: If you knew it - you’d do it" defines aiMC well.

Whether it is through traditional media like TV, Radio or Print, or through digital media channels like websites or social media, an integrated approach to marketing achieves better results.  And more importantly, employers are looking for graduates who understand aiMC.

We define aiMC as this: The "a" stands for Advertising which is what most refer to when they think about our programs. But we're not purely advertising we're more than that we have a focus on the broad category of Marketing Communications.  The “i” in aiMC stands for integrated media and interactive messaging.  And the “M” and “C” stand for marketing communications. Makes sense?  Many refer to marketing communications as the same as advertising, which is not quite right - but close. Often marcom is used as the short form of marketing communications.

aiMC is how we define our marketing communications programs at St. Lawrence College.  There are three aiMC programs at SLC:

  1. a two-year Advertising and Marketing Communications program
  2. a three-year Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program, and
  3. a graduate certificate (post-graduate) one-year Interactive Marketing Communications program.

We are true to the "integrated and interactive" type of advertising and marketing communications that the industry is supporting.  As the media world changes drastically and we are constantly bombarded with fragmented messages, an integrated and interactive approach to marcom is what works!