Advertising Students Work the Room at Twitter Canada Christmas Event

Three third-year Advertising students, Jessica Findlay, Dylan Bisignano and Sarah Deacon, attended the first ever “Twinter” event at Twitter corporate headquarters. They acted as social media concierges and guest experience coordinators for a room full of advertising, marketing and digital executives at this “Must-Attend” corporate networking event. They collected business cards and followed up for placement and job opportunities after graduating!


"In December of 2014 Twiter Canada hosted an industry party and invited social media professional Canada’s top brands to celebrate all things #Twinter. Eventpeeks was asked to broadcast all the Twitter action to their live audience, and create the main attraction for both their party rooms.

Eventpeeks has proven itself the perfect complement to Twitter’s “Twitter Mirror” and user generated content. These social media savvy party goers flooded the eventpeeks wall with a constant stream of tweets and vine videos that not only brought the party to life but showcased the power of Twitter. Eventpeeks determined that the private #Twinter Wonderland party reached 444,302 people on Twitter via 1098 Tweets with with almost 1.4 million impressions." -


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