St. Lawrence College Team Wins OCMC Competition

At the annual Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) in Windsor November 21-22 St. Lawrence College (SLC) earned 60 points, 22 points ahead of second place Fanshawe College of London, to bring home the OCMC cup.

This is the 10th time SLC has placed first competing against 12 other colleges from across Ontario with the majority of the schools from the Greater Toronto area.

SLC placed first in Job Interview, first in Direct Marketing, first in Marketing, second in Account Management, Fourth in Integrated Marketing Communications, fourth in International Marketing, fourth in Market Research, fifth in Retail.  The team also placed first, second and fourth in the Quiz Bowl competition.

“This was a ‘come-back’ year for St. Lawrence,” says professor Robin Pepper, program coordinator for the Advertising/Interactive Marketing Communications programs and the faculty lead for the SLC OCMC team.

“Although the event last week was the highlight of the team’s accomplishments the six-week intensive training period in preparation for the event is the real story.   There were set-backs and challenges but the faculty coaches and students persisted and were determined to win this year.”


Seventeen students earned their way on the SLC OCMC team through faculty recommendations:

1. Alisha Ferguson placed first in the Marketing case study and fourth in the    
    International Marketing case.

2. Jason Lancaster placed first in the Marketing case and second in Account   

3. Connor Holway and Rebecca Bax placed fourth in the Integrated Marketing                
    Communications case.

4. Jamie McNauel placed fourth in the International Marketing case.

5. Brad Bedard placed second in Account Management and fifth in Retailing.

6. Katie McLean placed fifth in Retailing.

7. Andrew Rowe and Becca Cadue participated in the Entrepreneurship case.

8. Hollie Knapp-Fisher placed first in Job Interview and First in Direct Marketing.

9. Josh Hartson placed first in Direct Marketing.

10. Chris Green and Stan Iakovlev placed fourth in Marketing Research.

11. Jacob Phillips participated in the Sales Presentation.

12. Emily Fawcett placed first in Quiz Bowl, Sarah Deacon placed second and
      Jessica Findlay placed fourth in the Quiz Bowl. 


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