The GREGS advertising awards at SLC

My name is Megan LaFrance and I am a third year student in the Advertising & Marketing Communications Management program at St. Lawrence College. Over the years, our program has had the privilege of working with local businesses on a variety of projects. This has provided us with the opportunity to experience what working life in the advertising world will be like. 

This past semester, we not only got to work with a client, but we created an entire Integrated Marketing Campaign for them as well. During the creation of these campaigns we got to tackle an array of marketing challenges, present our findings and collateral to the client, and provide them with valuable content they could use in the future.

My group’s client was a local non-profit charity called Gilda’s Club. Gilda’s Club is a unique cancer support community providing social and emotional support. This organization’s goal is to provide a space where people living with cancer - along with their family and friends - can join together to create individual and collective encouragement.

We were put into teams of four or five individuals and these teams made up our Agency. Within this agency, there was an Account Director, Account Planner, Creative Director, Strategist and Specialist. I was the Account Planner of my group and my tasks included organizing timelines, tracking due dates, inputting billable hours, and scheduling tasks. Because my group only had four members, I also worked hand in hand with Julia Daymond on all the strategic elements of our campaign. After our group came up with the big idea for our campaign, it fell to Julia and I to implement and export these ideas.

Below is a list of some examples of what our campaign included:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Media & Advertisements: Print, Online Advertising, Radio, & Direct Mail/Digital
  • Sponsorship Package
  • Website Content & SEO
  • Interactive Web Banner
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Return on Investment & Life Time Value

Myself, Julia Daymond, Matt Meagher, & Taylor O’Neill, created all this over a busy ten weeks span. There were a lot of ups and downs considering not all of us worked or thought the same way but we were determined to get tasks done effectively and efficiently. Not only did we want everything to be perfect for our professors, but for our client as well.

A euphoric wave of bliss and stress relief washed over our entire team after finishing an entire, client ready campaign in such a short time. But the rewards and satisfaction isn’t over yet…

The 34th Annual Greg Award’s are fast approaching; with the event being held on Saturday, April 12th in Davies Hall at St. Lawrence College. This event is a celebration of student video excellence, script writing, and marketing and communication skills, for all three years of the Advertising program. For Agency, all groups are nominated for two awards, which include: Team Leadership in an Agency Setting and Excellence in IMC.

With the days counting down, everyone is beginning to feel restless…Now the question is, who is going to take home the awards?


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