Graduate Certificate in Interactive Marketing Communications

Full Program Details:

This program is designed to prepare students as strategists in interactive marketing communications (iMC). It will deepen the student's understanding of marketing communications in general, and develop new skills in planning and implementing IMC campaigns. From concept to execution and evaluation students will work to solve real challenges from real clients.

“Too many people are still hung up with outdated artificial demarcations between ‘mainstream media’ and ‘social media’, arguing that one is more legitimate. This leads to flawed marketing and PR strategic decisions,” David Meerman Scott, a “thought leader” on digital and interactive marketing communications.

The study of IMC at St. Lawrence College practices an integrated approach to media (both traditional and digital) and an interactive approach to message. Hands-on practical experience is gained through a model interactive marketing agency, through the college's state-of-the-art Marketing Communications Centre; as well as a 6 - week work placement. Graduates will find work as digital strategists in ad agencies or marketing departments, or in organizations and agencies as account representatives. According to recent employment reports there is a critical shortage of trained digital strategists. 

Career Opportunities 

The curriculum in this specialized program will be focused on "strategy development". The Interactive Marketing Communications certificate program at SLC will be graduating digital strategists. A survey of advertising agencies in Toronto suggests a growing demand for digital strategists.