TTT TrendsTalk Toronto Feb 20/21

In the Fall semester students in the Interactive Marketing Communications (iMC) and the Advertising and Marketing Communications program (aMC) researched trends in digital marketing and presented a 20 minute talk (TrendsTalk).  Below are some of those presentations shortened for publication on site >>>

Mike Hector, Katia Valisolalao, and Brennan Smith provide a "medical analogy" of how to create blogs that resonate with readers. 

Jamie Vinkle and Leslie O'Sullivan talk about how a picture is worth more than just a thousand words.

Taylor Kerr and Cassandra Loyd provide insights into Social Media and Content Marketing.

Ashton Deroy and Dina Al-Yaseen explain why "Less is More" in Social media.

Cassie Pastorfide and Catherine Aneno talk about influencers in social media campaigns

Robin Pepper
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